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Hail Damage Roof Repair Champaign IL

It takes just one powerful hailstorm to do some serious damage to your roof. Hailstorms can come on with little to no warning and may cause significant damage to your roof, home, and property. At Frontline Adjusters, our hail damage roof repair Champaign IL service team will restore your roof’s value and beauty. Our team of licensed contractors will get the job done quickly and efficiently. If your roof has suffered hail damage, contact us today to have a licensed contractor come out and assess the damage.

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house with gray architectural shingles

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The Impact Hail Can Have on Your Roof

The effects of hail damage to your roof can vary based on many factors, such as the slope of your roof, the age of the materials, the type of materials used, wind direction, wind speed, and hail size. Hail damage is bad for a roof and can lead to serious issues including leaks and severe water damage.

The damage done can be cosmetic or functional, and it’s the cosmetic damage that is often more severe than it looks. Issues such as granule loss, punctures, bruises, and broken edges can cause severe complications, although they may seem merely cosmetic at first.

Granule Loss

On a shingle, the granules are sandpaper-like material. Once a shingle loses the granules, the asphalt coating is exposed to the elements. This type of exposure can result in accelerated aging. When inspecting your roof take a look at your downspouts and gutters after a hailstorm to see if any shingle granules have come off.


High winds or hard high impacts can grip the shingles, causing cracks. These cracks can lead to tears and exposure, leaving your roof with bare spots. A cracked shingle is not able to protect your roof effectively from inclement weather.

Exposed Fiberglass Mat

The impact from hail on a roof can easily shatter the surface of the shingle causing it to break away from the fiberglass mat underneath. This type of fracture can be harder to detect and often requires the trained eye of a licensed contractor. Fractured fiberglass mats often result in cracks and tears from a point of hail impact.

Weakened Self-Seal Strip

Hail and high winds can weaken the seal integrity of the shingles. A weak seal is what can cause a shingle to blow off, leaving a roof exposed to the elements. Once a shingle has become damaged, its integrity is compromised permanently. The result is usually a leaky roof and severe water damage.

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How to Determine if Your Roof Has Hail Damage

Severe damage to your roof, such as ripped-off shingles, is obvious, but there is minor damage that can be very difficult to detect. Having your roof inspected by a licensed contractor at least once a year can ensure that your roof is in tiptop condition and able to withstand the elements. A licensed contractor can assess the hail damage on your roof and can recommend the best course of action in terms of whether your roof needs minor or major repairs or if a total roof replacement is the best option.

Check the Gutters

When checking your roof for hail damage, the first place you should look is your gutters. High-impact hail will cause roof damage that can dent the downspouts and/or the gutters. This is the easiest place to evaluate the roof for signs of hail damage. If there are dings and dents on your downspouts and gutters, then you will definitely find more problems on your roof.

Gutters can also fill up and become clogged with granules that shingles have shed when hail hits them. Overflowing and clogged gutters can indicate that hail may have damaged your roof.

Check Your Siding & Deck

The next place you should look is at your siding and your deck. Both places will experience damage due to a bad hailstorm and can easily indicate the potential of shingle damage on your roof. Any hail damage on your deck or siding means that you should have your roof inspected by a professional.

Document Roof Damage

If you’re relying on your insurance company to cover the costs of hail damage, documenting roof damage is very important. Ideally, the homeowner should have photos that will show the original condition of the roof. After a storm has occurred, photos should be taken of all the damage and sent to the insurance company. This will prevent any questions from an insurance company as to when the damage occurred. However, if your roof’s condition has not been documented, don’t stress. Taking up-to-date photos of the condition of your roof every season isn’t safe or practical. After a hailstorm, walking on a roof can also be very dangerous. If you’ve seen signs of hail damage on your property, contact a licensed contractor at Frontline Adjusters. One of our licensed and experienced contractors can come out to your property and assess the condition of your roof. They can also help you document the damage and will guide you through the claims process so you can turn this information into your insurance company.

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