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Bolingbrook, Illinois, is located twenty-four miles southwest of Chicago and is regarded as a family-oriented community. The city offers a variety of recreational facilities including nightlife, quality golf courses, and restaurants. The city is also home to the Pelican Harbor Indoor/Outdoor Aquatic complex, numerous woodland parks and areas, and the Rocket Ice Arena, a popular destination for hockey fans.

Bolingbrook receives higher than average rainfall and snow per year and lower than average sunny days. Winters can be particularly harsh, reaching temperatures as low as fifteen degrees. To prepare for inclement weather, Bolingbrook residents are encouraged to have their roofs inspected annually.

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house with gray architectural shingles

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Roofing Repair

At Frontline Adjusters, we’re dedicated to offering Bolingbrook residents one of the best roof maintenance and roofing repair services in the state. We specialize in doing high-quality roof repairs for all types of roofs including metal, tile, concrete, and asphalt composition shingle roofs. Regardless of the type of roof you have, the chances are the experienced roofers at Frontline Adjusters have worked on that type of roof for one of your neighbors over the last several years working all over Bolingbrook.

Residential Roofing

The type of roofing material, pattern, and color you choose can improve the appeal and the aesthetics of your home. A roof can highlight a home’s architectural style, complementing exterior trim and paint, siding, doors, and accent windows. The team at Frontline Adjusters can help you choose the perfect roofing material for your home. Our team of experienced roof consultants will help you select a roofing material that’s best suited for your budget, family, and home.

If you’re considering having your home re-roofed, whether you want to update the look of your home, your current roof is fifteen to twenty years old, or you’re tired of spending hundreds of dollars a year on roofing repairs, contact Frontline Adjusters to schedule a free consultation to meet with one of our roofing experts.

Commercial Roofing Services

If your commercial building needs a new roof, we will work closely with you during the project to keep things moving smoothly, while anticipating issues such as environmental needs, daily business operations, tenant concerns, and inventory protection. Whether you need roofing work on a multi-family dwelling, apartment building, or your business, our team of professionals will use first-rate materials and the latest techniques to bring your project in on budget and on time. We’ll also help you select the right roofing materials, while we strive to improve your bottom line, maximize energy efficiency, and lower the operating costs of your commercial building.

Hail Damage Repairs

While you may think hail is just bouncing off your roof and making its way into your gutters, it may actually be doing serious damage to your roof. Unfortunately, most hail damage is subtle initially but shows excess damage over time. When hail hits a roof, it can crack or break shingles, exposing the shingles to additional damage, and can loosen the granules that top the shingles for protection.

When the granules are gone, the shingles are vulnerable to more damage from the sun. Larger hailstones can do even more damage, especially in long-lasting, violent storms. High-impact hail can fracture shingles, denting the protective metal flashing. While hail damage to your roof may not be visible from the ground, once shingles are cracked, water can make its way through. This can lead to extensive water damage. At Frontline Adjusters, we can handle minor to severe hail damage repair, working to detect any signs of hail damage and make fast and efficient repairs that will ensure your roof is protected from the next hailstorm while preventing further damage.

Siding Installation

A roof protects your home from the elements, while the exterior walls shield the home. Installing siding can provide your home with a higher level of protection while boosting your home’s curb appeal. The number of siding materials and choices has advanced beyond just aluminum, with a growing variety of affordable polymer and vinyl siding options for every home. Siding can protect your walls by shedding water and can also improve a home’s energy efficiency. Because of the wide variety of styles, colors, and types, siding now also plays a key role in the aesthetic appeal of a home. If it’s time to update the look of your home, contact Frontline Adjusters today to schedule a consultation and let one of our siding experts help you choose the perfect siding for your home and budget.

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At Frontline Adjusters, we’re here to help you prepare your home for the winter. We offer free consultations where you can voice your concerns and we can discuss your roofing options, whether you need minor or major repairs or a new roof. We also offer a wide selection of siding, which will help improve your home’s energy efficiency, while boosting curb appeal and providing a higher level of protection that homes in Bolingbrook, Illinois needs in freezing condition

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Frontline Adjusters proudly serves Illinois home and business owners in Chicagoland, Peoria, Urbana, Springfield, and the surrounding areas. We’re committed to being a local company that keeps our community’s best interests at heart.

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